Assemble and Disassemble Your Goat NFT Like Lego Blocks

As an emerging NFT platform, GOATNFT ( aims to create the best and coolest platform for trading and renting artwork, games, music, film and TV. It is currently ranked second among NFT projects in the 11th round of donations being held by Gitcoin, an open source software and community funding platform, with a total of $2,765 from 345 donors (data counted on September 12), generating considerable interest in the NFT space and the ethereum community.

On September 15, GOATNFT opened the airdrop and blind box sale of the creation NFT “MagicGOAT”. As the official creation NFT, MagicGOAT takes its name from the GOATNFT platform (GOAT stands for Greatest of All Time and also means “goat”) and gives the GameFi worldview of the goat and dragon clans fighting each other in the continent of Westeros billions of years ago, so there is a good chance to get body parts or accessories related to the story background in the blind box sale, such as the dragon’s horns and the universal dragon armor and other NFTs.

Event website:


To thank for supporting the GOATNFT project through Gitcoin, Twitter, Discord and Telegram groups, we will randomly select 50 fan friends for their airdrop, and they can mint for free (only pay for ETH gas).

The airdrop list will be confirmed and announced on the official Twitter (@goatnftio) by 00:00 on September 14th.

Play 1: Blind box sale

We will finish the issue on September 15 at 15:00 UTC and also opensea will be listed on, releasing a total of 8,192 goat body fragments and decorations. Collectors can mint on the official MagicGOAT website. Every MagicGoat Box will be sold at 0.05 ETH and you can mint for free if you are on the airdrop list.

Play 2: Composition Game

After completing the selling, we will start the composition function and issue a limited edition of 100 composition cards. Top 100 collectors who composed a complete goat NFT will get the composition card for free. Through the card, fragments and decorations can be composed into a complete goat NFT. Collectors with a complete goat NFT will have related rights matching the rarity on the GoatNFT platform. Collectors who have not obtained the composition card can obtain it through purchasing or leasing to compose a complete goat.

Necessary body fragments include horns, hair style, ears, eyes, eyebrows and mouth. Optional decorations include earrings, necklaces, pipes and hats, etc. If there is no composition card, a broken instead of a completed goat can be composed.

During the composition process, there is a 1% chance that the composition may fail as well as fragments and decorations may be lost. However, a mysterious NFT may be obtained.

Play 3: Decomposition Game

f the collectors are not satisfied with the composed goat, he can also buy or rent a dissolve card to decompose the complete goat NFT. The decompose process will destroy the goat NFT and the fragments and decorations of the goat can be regained. Collectors can add new elements to compose a more rare goat.

Play 4: Destroy Game

Collectors can destroy fragments and decorations to enhance the rarity.

Play 5: Sell and Rent

Collectors can not only sell goat NFT, but also sell composition cards and decomposition cards. If they don’t want to sell them all at once, they can also rent out for a limited time through the GOATNFT platform, so that they can obtain profits as well as continue to retain ownership of the NFT.

More Rights

Collectors can obtain GOATNFT platform related rights based on the rarity of goat, such as discount of goatnft fee, irregular airdrops or participation in community governance, etc.

Product News

We are currently packaging a common leasing protocol and JavaScript SDK, which will allow projects in the ecosystem to directly access leasing capabilities and expand platform capabilities at a very low cost.

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GoatNFT is committed to becoming the world's most professional, credible and efficient NFT decentralized trading platform.

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GoatNFT is committed to becoming the world's most professional, credible and efficient NFT decentralized trading platform.