Fun with NFT: GoatNFT teaches you how to rent NFT

3 min readMay 21, 2021


As synonymous with the popular cryption art, NFT is constantly innovating the changes in the market with the attitude of “out of the circle”. As the world’s leading decentralized NFT asset trading platform that supports multi-chain protocols, GoatNFT is about to launch a new “rental” gameplay, so that every user can buy and rent NFTs.


As the highlight of the GoatNFT platform, GoatNFT supports the entire rent, joint rent and subletting of NFTs. Leasing is one of the methods of non-permanent occupation, and rent is time-effective. During the limitation period, the lessee has the ownership of the NFT, and the lessee can use the ownership to mine the market value. When the rent expires, the ownership of the NFT will be automatically recovered, and the ownership of the NFT will eventually be rolled back to the caster. Once the ownership is recovered, the previous tenant will immediately lose the right to market value mining.

The entire rent

In GoatNFT’s rental economy model, the entire rent occupies a part of the proportion. In the entire rent process, the user can set the auction data, including parameters such as auction type and price. After the parameters are set, the entire rent information can be rerentd.

On the entire rent page, the user can click on the entire rent information to learn about the entire NFT information and determine whether to perform the entire rent operation. The whole rent model reduces the circulation cost of NFTs, and at the same time increases the circulation of the secondary market, which solves the problem of NFT circulation to a certain extent.

The sharing renting

As a rental method with GoatNFT characteristics, sharing renting has become one of the highlights. Different from the whole rent, the joint rent is to divide the NFT into individual rents. First, you need to set the number of shared shares, and divide the NFT according to the number of shares. Each has different configuration parameters, including name, introduction, cover and other information. After all the information is set, enter the result page. The user can choose one of them to rent, remember that only one can be rented at a time.

Sharing renting and offline housing co-leasing have the same effect. On the one hand, the sharing renting model realizes the construction of low-cost NFT use rights, and on the other hand, it realizes risk sharing. This method is also more suitable for low-cost and controllable risks users.


The rental model of GoatNFT is currently under construction and will be officially launched soon. As the main content of GoatNFT’s leasing method, whole leasing and leasing will explode strong potential in the NFT market, opening up more diverse and interesting new game methods for the current NFT market, and continuously giving NFT new vitality.

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