GOAT DAO Lionel Messi’s Fan Ambassadors Recruitment

Hello, all Messi fans!
As the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is approaching, we are launching a recruitment order for Messi’s fan ambassadors to promote and manage the GOAT DAO community.


GOAT DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization initiated by fans of Lionel Messi.

We will raise 5,000 ETH by issuing DAO governance tokens $GOAT to sign Messi and mint a series of NFTs with material related to Messi to perpetuate his brilliance in the WEB3 world.

The funds raised by GoatDAO will be used to sign and issue a series of NFTs of Messi’s material. A portion of the NFT royalties will be donated to the Foundation of Messi (https://messi.com/fundacion-leo-messi) to help poor children, medical care, education, soccer stadium construction, etc.

GOAT means “Greatest of all time”, and with seven prizes to his credit, 2022 may be his last chance to qualify for the World Cup as a centerpiece. The spirit of Messi will always inspire us

To that end, we are excited to announce the launch of the GOAT ambassadorship program. We are looking for ambassadors who can help us build local communities and achieve our goal of becoming the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange in the world.


1. Applicants must believe in the concept of decentralization and sharia compliance.

2. Applicant must have at least 500 followers on at least 1 of his/her social media accounts with a proven engagement rate

3. A demonstrated understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

4. Applicants should have local connections in the crypto spheres.

5. Applicants should should understand Football and be a super fan of MESSI

6. Applicants should be able to create cryptocurrency content (Articles, videos, memes etc.)

7. Applicants should fully understand the concept of DeFi and NFTs also how they work


1. Engage and initiate discussions in the General chat (Topics about Football, Latest News about Messi and other related Topics about World Cup)

2. Speak to influencers and represent GOAT at local events.

3. Use and promote the GOAT activities.

4. Create compelling content & translate GOAT content to your local language

5. Engage in all GOAT DAO social media post and repost or recreate them for more visibility

6. Nurture our local marketing and business relationships.

And such other duties as may be relating thereto.


1. Monthly compensation

2. Result-Based Bonuses in $GOAT Tokens (when KPIs are met)

3. Exclusive GOAT merchandise and invitations to exclusive events

4. Access to members of the GOAT team and partners

5. Sponsorship for community meet-ups and activities

How to Apply to the GOAT DAO Ambassador Program?

You can fill out this FORM if you’re interested in being an ambassador for GOAT. We will evaluate your application as soon as possible. Should your profile match our program requirements, we will get in touch with you.

Because the program is still in its early stages, we will focus specifically on creating awareness around GOAT on social media. These tasks will include meme creation, infographics, various types of contests, and short and long-form copy. More general tasks, KPIs, and higher bonus compensation will be added to the list during the program.

Messi’s fans, come join the family, let’s GOAT, together!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/goatnftio

Telegram community: https://t.me/goatdaoglobal

GOATNFT Website: https://www.goatnft.io/



GoatNFT is committed to becoming the world's most professional, credible and efficient NFT decentralized trading platform.

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GoatNFT is committed to becoming the world's most professional, credible and efficient NFT decentralized trading platform.